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MM Italia opened 10 years ago, it was born as the commercial interface of an Italian production activity that has been treating truffle for several decades. MM has since become the voice of numerous Italian products, allowing them to get the recognition they deserve.

Once MM began expanding and ventured into Asia, and specifically Japan, it was obvious that the utmost attention was needed in order to satisfy the need of Japan’s grandiose market. The outcome of this was the creation of M Co., Ltd.

M began importing truffles and culinary excellences from the related company to ensure a higher standard of quality throughout a nation which appreciates just that. The distribution of truffles and other high quality Italian products is the main goal. M’s reach isn’t just limited to truffles or food, but also spans to Italian fine wines and crafted beers, dealing with renown brands such as Bosco del Merlo, VIOLA and Santa Barbara. The food and beverage brands are being distributed across luxurious and esteemed restaurants, cafes and hotels, providing them with the highest quality ingredients and beverages that the market can offer.

M has since become the face of numerous Italian premium products in one of the most high-end markets, that of Japan.

One of the newest additions to the M catalogue has been that of the prime Italian coffee maker and producer, Pascucci. The brand is already largely distributed among the other Asian markets and especially in the Japanese neighborhood. Thanks to an extensive and fruitful relationship between the coffee brand and ourselves, M has recently gained the rights to franchising the Pascucci brand across Japan. Pascucci has already left a mark in Asia, having opened 480 shops in Korea, and only recently 45 POS in China, and now, with M’s help the same goal wants to be achieved in the sumptuous market of Japan.

The philosophy behind M is really a lifestyle at its core – living and enjoying the Italian “bella vita”. A way of life entailing the coalition between exquisite culinary culture and elegance.